NED Care

North East Dartmoor Care is a not for profit community-led initiative which launched following concerns over the closure of beds at Moretonhampstead Hospital. At the time, care at home was hard to find and regulated care was particularly scarce.

In 2015, with one year’s funding from central government Moretonhampstead Development Trust set up a working group to investigate the reasons for the lack of services and its impact on residents.

It was clear that communities in north east Dartmoor needed a ‘regulated’ agency that could provide services locally. The local authority provides care for people who can not afford to pay themselves, but they can only purchase care from providers who are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the regulator for social care.

Without enough regulated services, some of our most vulnerable residents are unnecessarily stuck in hospital for weeks, sent into residential care when they would rather be at home, or else may be living at home but without the vital support that they need to live safe and well.

At the start of 2016 we set up North East Dartmoor Care as a subsidiary company (CIC) and began fundraising.
We knew this was going to take some time, so we also launched a Carer Introduction Agency, introducing people needing care to self-employed carers working locally.

Within 8 months, through the Introduction Service, we facilitated care amounting to over 1,000 hours/week – proving the level of demand that had been previously estimated and bringing new workers into care and support roles.

By the end of 2016, thanks to tremendous levels of community support and donations, NEDCare also reached its funding target for set-up costs.

The first step in establishing a regulated agency was to recruit a ‘Registered Manager,’ a key individual whose role, qualifications and experience are specified by the CQC.

Simon Tickner came in to post in February of 2017 and the NEDCare management team then began the lengthy process of applying for registered status.

NEDCare achieved CQC registration in July 2017, a major milestone which was closely followed by an intensive and ongoing recruitment campaign. NEDCare began delivering regulated services in August 2017.

• Supports people to be safe and well at home, to do more of what matters to them and to stay connected to others;
• Works with the people it supports to create the services they want;
• Trains and supports carers to deliver high quality care;
• Builds small teams around individuals to ensure continuity of care;
• Is monitored and inspected by the CQC;
• DBS checks, trains, supports and supervises all staff.

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