Welcome to Moretonhampstead Development Trust

Our Vision

A sustainable, connected and inclusive community where people thrive

Our Mission

Identify the needs and aspirations of our community and work in partnership with others to drive positive change

Our Values

We are…

  • Courageous
  • Ethical
  • Responsive
  • Inclusive
  • Creative

Our Achievements 

The Trust was set up in 1995 by the Parish Council and others to “regenerate” Moretonhampstead and its surrounds, to help us remain a strong and sustainable community.

We have:

  • Established the town Information Centre, now an independent self-governing body
  • Installed the public art around the town – known as the “Dartmoor Flight” project, this includes the Sparrowhawk in the Square, the railings at the Parish Hall and in Court Street, the animals, landscaping and seats in Pound Street, and the mosaic outside Green Hill
  • Established the computer learning centre in the Bowring Library
  • Raised the funds for the King George V Sports and Community Centre
  • Run the first Moretonhampstead Food Festival
  • Run the first community website until the current one took over in 2015
  • Developed Green Hill Arts, Heritage and Youth Centre
  • Run the “Energy Savers” project for local homes
  • Carried out a feasibility study into converting the Bowring Library into affordable flats and moving the library itself to Green Hill – now been shelved, following public consultation
  • Taken responsibility for the Business Association in 2015
  • Formed a Community Interest Company to improve Social Care in North East Dartmoor – NEDCare, now an independent self-governing body
  • Formed a community organisation to promote health and wellbeing in the area – Wellmoor
  • Taken over part of Moretonhampstead Hospital for work on healthy living, which provides a base for NEDCare, the community bath and Knead to Connect CIC

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